Self-Pity Accomplishes Nothing


I’m starting to sound like my mother, but then again, I love my mother, so it’s ok for now.

Self-pity is one of the easiest pitfalls when it comes to setting goals. Getting down on yourself, focusing on what you don’t have, how lame you think your life is, etc. Well, just like worrying, self-pity makes your life shorter.

The more you dwell on your problems, the less time you are finding a solution! Instead of saying, “Ugh, woe is me….” you can say, “What can I do to fix this?”

Identify the problem and create a solution. Then you will have a positive notion toward completing your goal, and the whole situation will be turned around.

Solutions do not usually present themselves at the drop of a hat, so asking a trusted friend for advice is usually the best thing to do. In fact, that you should do anyway, even if just to run your idea by that friend and get an outside opinion. Sometimes our ideas sound great in our own head, but in reality aren’t that palpable.

So, when you start feeling sorry for yourself, figure out why (if it is not obvious) then figure out how to remove the negative aspect of your situation. You will feel so much better for doing it.


Refuse to Lose


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