On a Whim


I was browsing Craigslist Sunday evening, last week, as I frequently do when I am bored. I visit pages such as “writing jobs”, “writing gigs”, “creative gigs”, etc. Hidden in the creative section was a job posting for a marketing firm administrative assistant. As I read the brief but specific description, I was intrigued to see how qualified for this I was. I kept the tab open and kept browsing. Then came back, thinking, “Why not? What harm could it do?” After running the idea by my supportive husband, I updated my resume and applied. I checked my email every single day until suddenly, when I had all but forgotten the application, a response arrived. They wanted a phone interview. I was stoked. Best part: They called the position by a different name: Marketing/Project Management Assistant, exactly the direction I am headed.

What if I had never applied? What if I had set the job aside and said, “I’m not good enough for them, I can just tell,” or, “Everyone else will be applying, I will be just another name to set aside.”? I was absolutely tempted to believe both of those statements, but if I had I never would have landed an interview.

Do I expect anything to come from it? I can certainly hope so. It would provide invaluable experience for my future and would better and more steadily support me and my husband. I would work with professionals and real clients and I would be mentally stimulated at work for a change! What a welcome change that will be when that day comes, when someone pays me to show up just to use the power of my brain.

I will let you know what happens after the phone interview, good or not as good. It’s entirely possible that their company will not suit me, or vice versa, or just as possible they will call me in for a second interview. Whatever happens happens, but follow your whims.


Refuse to Lose


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