Goal-setting is something everyone should try. It is a positive, future-focused activity that can help to define and accomplish your aspirations. Unfortunately, this practice is often done incorrectly or ineffectively, or negatively. There are specific steps to setting successful goals and achieving them. I recommend reading and watching “Success Factors” by Jack Canfield, a bestselling author who wrote “Chicken Soup for the Soul”. This guy knows his stuff.

Making Great Goals:

There are three components shared by every achievable goal you could ever set. They are:

  1. Realistic
  2. Measurable
  3. Scheduled


The best goals are ones that you believe are possible. If your goal is to experience zero gravity in space someday, or own a white tiger, or become the CEO of a company, as long as you believe it is possible, then it counts. The best way to achieve the outlandish or seemingly impossible is to create a series of steps/accomplishments that must take place in order for this goal to come true. Creating a set process for achieving this goal will make the end result less intimidating.


Make specific goals. Don’t say, “I will to lose weight,” because then you will never really know when you goal is complete. Say, “I will to lose 15 pounds,” or “I will have a 30″ waist”. The more concrete your desired result is, the clearer you will be on your progress.


Open-ended goals are doomed to fail. If you say, “I will start a photography company,” but never say when, then you are not motivated to get started anytime soon, and before you know it the best time to do so has passed. “I will start a photography company by December,” tells you that you need to get a move on, and in a matter of months you have a business to setup.




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